Sep 10, 2014

Single lashes done by Eyelashes Canada

Hi guys ! Today I'm very excited to be blogging  about single eyelashes extentions …
  Its my first time trying them, I use to be scared to get them done before, because i thought they would be very painful.  But now I'm in LOVE with the single lashes! I don't know if i can live without them anymore (AHAH). 

   Single Strand Eyelash Extensions are applied one by one to your own lashes. I got the synthetic lashes, B-curl for a more natural look.  Apparently they are the most common ones (maybe because they are the cheapest ).  Also there is a list of after care that I will  need to do, like.. - Do not  apply mascara  -Do not not rub your eyes ( so no crying ladies for a couple o weeks LOL) etc…..  Also I will need to refill in a few weeks if I want to keep up the look. 

Eyelash Canada is the 1st and only company in Canada to offer BOTTOM Lash Extensions. These will balance the look and make the overall appearance more natural!

Thanks to Yvette for the awesome job! 

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