Jan 24, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Couture

Good Morning loves !!!
Here are my choices from  the Chanel Spring 2014 runway, Paris
What i can say about this collection is that Karl Lagerfeld did an excellent job on this  Spring 2014  collection in my opinion of course.  I just loved all the looks , to be honest , it was so hard to pick just 8 looks.
 What I really like about this collection was that he created most of the looks  fitting very nicely around the waist,  and also some of the skirts were mid-length.

Nothing better than to  have  Karl  himself explaining the collection in detail 

“There are two tendencies,” Karl explained during a weekend preview that provided an unmatched opportunity to study those remarkable textiles and embellishments in the hand, “very androgyne and boyish, and very feminine. But no stiletto, no platforms, no Louboutins!” Instead, the clothes had a uniquely modern feeling as each look was matched with flat sneakers (made by the custom shoemaker Massaro, naturally) in patchworks of fabrics and embroidery—“It gives it a different attitude,” explained Karl—and during the show, his girls were encouraged to run and skip down the grand horseshoe staircase, suggesting something of the sense of liberating freedom that was Coco Chanel’s great contribution to early-twentieth-century fashion. “I think it’s quite chic, the couture run, no?” posited Karl.  (



    Photo:  Courtesy of  Chanel(vogue) 

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