Oct 29, 2013

World Master Card Fashion Week Toronto

Good morning everyone :)

      Today the post is to talk about my experience at Toronto Fashion Show.

       Ok, lets get started! The toronto fashion week for spring 2014 started on 21 to 26 of october,  but I was only able to go on saturday, and on saturday they had  4 shows in the evening. They picked one or two best outfits from all the designers  and included it all in one runway show. 
     In my opinion all the outfits were stunning most colours i saw  on  the runway were nude, white and black. Also in the pictures above i posted my favourite 3 dresses from the ladies evening wear and 4 pictures from the mens wear. between the shows I had a chance to go see the backstage were all the magic happens ahah, backstage was crazy makeup and hair spray everywhere , i can admit its a dream for any makeup artist to work backstage, but we also know its very stressful back there.

kisses and hugs babes
here are  some more pictures of me so you can see the outfit i used  this evening  

Top: Stradivarius       Skirt: H&M         Purse: KateSpade      Shoes: Urban Planet 

                                MIKAEL                                                                                                        NARCES

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