Feb 25, 2013

Look of the day: Peach & Yellow eyeshadow

First apply Moisturizer all over the face and neck 
then wait like 2 minutes.  
Apply Prep+ primer 
After  apply foundation all over the face with a foundation brush 
then apply concealer in the areas that you think  needs a better cover 
(ex: dark circles under the eyes, pimples ).
Get a powder brush and apply pre+prime powder all over the face to take out the shine from your face. 

After apply the dark bronze as a contour and use pink on your cheek bone with a blush brush 

This is how it looks so far :) 

Apply a light peach eyeshadow on your eyelid
 Use yellow eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye 
 Use medium brown on the crease of the eye and smudge so you don't see lines between the peach eyeshadow and the crease  
 use the brow pencil to make the shape of the eyebrow  
Then go with the brow shadow on top where you have the pencil lines. 
To give a better finish use the brow brush and comb the eyebrows.
after use the light colour to countour the eyebrow bone  
see the picture i have one eyebrow already done so you can see the difference   

after  use a dark brown on the crease for a darker look 
 After apply  a  gel eye liner on top and bottom, make a thin line  very close to the eye lashes.    

 This is how it looks with eyeliner 

Apply fake eyelashes on top lashes  
if you want you can also use lipliner on the lips  to give your lips a 3D look 

Apply  a nude pink undertone lipstick on top of the lipliner 
The Look is all done hope you like it!

Kisses & Hugs 

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