Jan 12, 2013

Makeup of the day: Purple & Beige eye shadow

Hi Guys 

Today I'm going to show you how to get this makeup look :) 
I am so excited to show you guys this look 

First apply foundation all over the face with a foundation brush 

after apply concealer in the areas that you think it needs a better cover 

Get a powder brush and apply pre+prime all over the face to take out the shine from your face  

 Here is how it looks so far 

If you want a better eyebrow shape  you can fill them like i did ( but  i don't fill mine much because they are thick already . )
First use the brow pencil to make the shape you want (if you can't do it by hand use a eyebrow stencil. )
Then go with the brow shadow on top where you have the pencil lines. 
To give a better finish use the brow brush and comb the eyebrows.   

This is the palette  I'm using today from NYX
you can see which ones are my favourites LOL 

This one i used on the eye brow bone 

This one you add  on the eye crease  

I also add this on top of the light purple because i want a darker purple   

This light beige i add  on the eye lid ( Sormé eyeshadow ) 

This is how it looks so far 

Now  add the eyeliner 

Make a very thin line very close to the eyelashes 

 With the angle brush i add the purple and beige on bottom of the eyes very close to the bottom lashes 

This is how it looks so far 

Add mascara on the eye lashes, i always  use two because i like to use waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes 

After apply the dark bronze as a contour and use pink as your blush  

To finish use a lipstick with purple undertone 

All done with the look of the day hope you guys like it 

Big kisses to all of you  :)  


  1. Great post! I love how you've shown everything step by step :) xx fun size beauty

  2. YOUR AMAZING LISA <3<3<3 :D -karen Medalla

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