Dec 4, 2012

How to do Pink & Black smokey eye


 - Clean your face 
 - Moisturize your face 
 - Foundation
 - Concealer 

 - Add high beam (Benefit ) all over eyelid.

 - Add beige (NYX) on the eyebrow bone and in corner of the eye.

 - add pink eye shadow  (Lancome Metallic ) all over the eyelid. 

 - get a bigger brush to blend the beige and pink so it doesn't show any lines.    

 - get a round brush and add the black (Lancome) eyeshadow on the outer part  of the eye lid and on the eye crease.

 - blend the  two colours  again.

 - add beige (Maybelline eye studio) to give a shiny look on the eyebrow bone.

 - Get the beige and grey eyeshadow  (Lancome) and put under the eyes with an angle brush .
- Also add  M.A.C pigment on top of the black to give a shiny look.

- Get the eyeliner gel (maybelline) apply with the eyeliner brush from the inner corner of the eye to outer corner of the eye.

 - Use eyelash curler first then mascara on top and bottom 
       (telescopic Loreal )

 - Use the (aspen summit #23 Sephora) on the cheek bone to highlight the area . 

 - Apply browser (#803 Sormé ) to contour  then get the pink blush (Blush rush C104 ) and apply on the cheek bone .

 -Apply   M.A.C  Show Orchid lipstick  with a lip brush for a better  finish.

This is how it looks  :)